Props Swords

We are the best source for costumes for any occasion! We have renaissance, gothic, and period clothing, as well as costume accessories. Our selection is constantly growing, so this site isn't a complete list of all we have. Be sure to stop by and see our entire selection!

Out of state? No problem! If you see something you like, call or email us and we can ship it to you. If you don't see something you want, let us know and we can special order it for you!

Foam Practice SwordFoam Practice Sword
Sale: $24.95

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Ringwraith SwordRingwraith Sword
Sale: $185.00

Fantasy SwordFantasy Sword
Sale: $38.50

Wood KungFu SwordWood KungFu Sword
Sale: $11.50

Sting SwordSting Sword
Sale: $27.00

Wood Pirate SwordWood Pirate Sword
Sale: $10.00